Some unpublished experiments

by oio studio, for your eyes only 👀



Pennello is an experiment in expressive creativity through augmented reality.

People can use the Pennello mobile app to draw in the virtual world using objects from the real world. It’s a series of creative tools for artists, blending digital and physical. The app interface includes essential drawing features such as color, size, snap and erasing tools.




HungryPets is a collaboration with Sidechef, a leading digital recipes platform. Together we tried to turn the act of quantifying the food we eat everyday into a playful and delightful activity. Hungry Pets uses augmented reality and object recognition to recognize and quantify food in the real world and turns it into digital nourishment to feed a digital pet. Different foods will lead to different evolutions and a map of other pets in the city leads you to discover new foods around you.




Pigzbe is a blockchain-based digital piggy bank and pocket money app. The company approached oio studio to explore a way to do token drops in augmented reality around city parks, as a fun game for children.

The app is using real-time geolocation to create live coin drops that children can collect around the city.

Environmental games Controllers


A series of mini games to explore the use of environmental sensors in combination with traditional game controls loop. In this first example, using gestures you need to help Lars the iceberg avoid ships, while at the same time keep him cold to avoid sea level rise as well.

Reality Platformers


Exploring playful ways in which AR and Object Recognition can help us look outside of our phones again and play with the city and the streets around us. Inspired by old-school platform games and our cities, we built a Cow runner game where kids need to help a cow jump cars or other obstacles recognized in the streets.



Yibu is a set of tools with which to discover the world: sensors to play with, to touch and to experience. It turns numbers and graphs into stories that can be explored. Using these sensors kids solve challenges by creating a better, healthier, favorable environment for the character and at the same time learn about the basics of temperature, sound, direction, and light.

Cubetto adventure


A videogame for Primo Toys, bringing the physical experience of their signature product, Cubetto, into the digital world. The game is all developed using web technologies and open source tools, such as Blender and three.js.

Primo plant helper


A concept and prototype exploring connected sensors for children, for Primo Toys.

This particular project is a collection of soil sensors used by children to learn about gardening and plants in general. The product is connected to an online experience that tracks the progress and rewards the little users.

Primo rotary controller


A concept and prototype for Primo Toys, connecting physical sensors to digital experiences for children. Basic interfaces, like a simple knob, could become a playful learning tool.

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